Katie Bethune-Leamen
Installation shot: Picturesque/Picaresque: Shiny Machine for Bringing Tupac Back to Life...
approx. 144" x 172"
Installation shot of my work 'Picturesque/Picaresque: Shiny Machine for Bringing Tupac Back to Life Including the Two Copies of Fanny Hill I Could Find in Eindhoven and Paintings of The Various Covers of Fanny Hill Found in A Fast Google Search and Tupac's Post-Humous Discography'. It's a long title. This was a compilation of several things I did in Eindhoven, which I brought together to make this propositional system for resurrecting Tupac. I thought that Holland, attributed as the birthplace of our contemporary notion of the pictoral framing of landscape in painting, was a good place to try painting again, and I produced a few abstract landscapes (?) while I was there. I had also been reading the book 'Fanny Hill' just before going to Holland, and I kept on thinking about it, and decided to bring it into the work I was doing there. I was interested in how the narrator's voice--Fanny Hill--is animated by the author--John Cleland--and how his desire and sexuality plays out as hers. Also, I was interested in how the protagonist is a 'picara', and started to make comparisons with these two things and Tupac Shakur's discgraphy after his death, and how that has given him a voice of sorts after his death, but one that in many ways expresses other people's desires and voice.
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